dr-queen-ogbuji-tb-project-coordinator-arfhDr Queen Ogbuji, Tuberculosis Project Coordinator of the Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) revealed that over 50,000 people infected with Tuberculosis in Nigeria were diagnosed and treated from January to June 2016.
This was revealed at the Global Fund Tuberculosis Grant Principal Recipient/Sub Recipient Review meeting that held from September 5 – 6, 2016 in Abuja.
The statistics of cases detected were sourced from the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy and Buruli-ulcer Control Programme.
Tuberculosis treatment is free in Nigeria in designated health centres where the Directly Observed Treatment Strategy (DOTS) is used; observing patients ingesting their drugs.
ARFH with its sub recipients, along with 87 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) nationwide, commenced Active Tuberculosis Case Search strategy in February 2016, which involves visiting homes in slums in Nigeria and testing people with Tuberculosis symptoms. People diagnosed with TB are treated for free.
“The DOTS Centres and the active case search strategy are being supported by the Global Fund grant to fight Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and Malaria with ARFH as a principal recipient of the grant”, said Dr Ogbuji.
“The statistics show that from 216,391 presumptive cases tested, the 50,258 TB cases detected in the first semester of 2016, from January to June, increased by 13% compared to the cases detected in the first semester of 2015, suggesting that efforts at increasing TB case finding is beginning to have positive effects.”
Between quarter-one and two of 2016, an analysis of the case detection trend in the country shows an exciting trend in some states where the implementation of the Active TB case search is currently ongoing; FCT, Kaduna, Kano, Imo and Osun.
Despite the achievement, there are many more people infected by Tuberculosis in Nigeria, but insecurity, inter-communal violence as well as strike action in health centres in some states of the country, are some of the hindrances to achieving the target to end TB in Nigeria.
dr-dakum-mrs-osinowo-and-dr-lawanson-at-gf-tb-review-meeting-september-2016The review meeting was organised by ARFH in collaboration with the Institute of Human Virology of Nigerian (IHVN), also a Principal Recipient of the Global Fund Tuberculosis grant
The joint meeting had in attendance, Dr Patrick Dakum (CEO, IHVN), Mrs Kehinde Osinowo (Director of Programmes, ARFH), Dr Adebola Lawanson (National Coordinator, NTBLCP) as well as representatives or the Sub Recipients of the grant working with ARFH and IHVN.
The Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) is an indigenous non-profit, Non-governmental Organisation in Nigeria that promotes and implements reproductive and family health services and programmes in Nigeria. ARFH is a Principal Recipient of the Global Fund grant to fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Participants at the Global Fund TB Grant Review Meeting Sept 2016

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