ARFH Team, led by the CEO, Dr. Kehinde Osinowo, alongside Dr. Kolapo Oyeniyi (Director of Programs), Dr. Uba Sabo (Program Manager), Nasa Oyelade (Demand Generation Officer), and Samson Odukogbe (Knowledge Mgt. & Communications Officer), recently visited Dr. Stella Nwosu (Director of Family Health Department) at the Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja.

In attendance were also other officials of the Department of Family Health – Dr. Binyerem C Ukaire (Director and Head ,Reproductive Health Division), Dr. Ovuoraye John (Director GASHE), Mrs. Remi Bajomo (Director and Head, VVF), Deputy Director Ugochukwu Alex, Mrs. Madu Ezioma (Acting Head, Health Promotion Division), Dr. Amina Moh’d (Deputy Director/HCU/ASH), Sadiya Aliyu (SOP/CU/HP), and Adaeze Ike (Snr GASHE).

Discussions were centered on the contributions of ARFH on ASRH in Nigeria particularly in the area of family planning services over the past 35 years in the country. An overview of the CODSAiN DMPA SC/Self Injection project funded by BMGF in 8 supported states was also provided by the CEO.

The Director of Family Health Department in her response affirmed the department’s commitment to supporting and partnering with ARFH in various health projects, recognizing ARFH’s longstanding contributions to healthcare in Nigeria.

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