Global Fund HIV

25th January 2015 Ongoing Projects, Projects

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has introduced an unprecedented humanitarian and developmental challenge in Nigeria and throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, this we have seen in the increasing number of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) especially those orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS.  Given the recent global efforts towards expanding access and availability of ARVs to people living with HIV, the case for adherence is even more relevant as HIV is highly mutable and requires lifelong treatment. As obstacles to access are being dismantled, attention is focusing on adherence to treatment.

ARFH is one of the three Principal Recipients of the Global Fund HIV Grants to Nigeria (Round 9, Phase II).  The project is focused on scaling up gender-sensitive HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care and support interventions for adults and children in Nigeria

The HIV Project is currently been implemented in three Service Delivery Areas:

  1. Home Base Care (Treatment Adherence)
  2. Care and Support for OVCs
  3. Community System Strengthening