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Abuja, March 7th 2014.
“Equality For Women is Progress For All”

 Equality is empowerment; our society must support women as they thrive to care and nurture while contributing their quota to national development says Mrs. Kehinde Osinowo, Director of Programs of Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH).
The empowerment of women is critical to sustainable development as women are playing crucial role in supporting national development efforts but gender inequality continues to hinder women’s growth, contribute to the spread of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. Inequality can increase HIV infection rates, and reduce the ability of women and girls to cope with the epidemic. Often, Women have less information about family planning, HIV and fewer resources to take preventive measures. Women face barriers to the negotiation of safer sex, because of unequal power dynamics with men. Sexual violence, a widespread violation of women’s rights, exacerbates the risk of HIV and other STIs transmission while capacity gaps mean women remain less likely than men to have the education, contacts and resources needed to become effective leaders. This clearly means that more investment in women is needed.
As a leading Non-governmental organization in Nigeria, Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) remain committed to the empowerment of women in Nigeria through her innovative programmes on Sexual and reproductive health include family planning, capacity building and mentoring programs while putting women and girls at the center of development efforts. As the 2015 target date for reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) approaches, ARFH calls for more direct investment in women and free & compulsory education for girls. ARFH will be celebrating a group of women who have inspired change demonstrated acts of courage and determination and have played an extraordinary role in fight against HIV/AIDS and promote Family Planning in Nigeria in an effort to reduce maternal and child mortality.
The Int’l Women’s Day with the theme “Equality for women is progress for all” is a time to reflect on progress made on the empowerment of women and. ARFH join the international community to celebrate women who despite the odds have excelled in their respective industries. We also congratulate all ARFH amazing women working for a healthier future n Nigeria.
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A copy of this release can be downloaded here: 2014 IWD Press Release (PDF, 136KB).

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