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Total (ELF Petroleum Nigeria Limited) Consultancy

In 2005, ARFH implemented a project with Total (ELF Petroleum Nigeria Ltd) in collaboration with Quaint consultancy Lagos. During this consultancy, staff of the company were selected from different department and trained as Peer Educators. Peer Educators were trained  from  Abuja, Lagos and Port-Harcourt (offshore & onshore) offices. Following this, there was a three day health awareness week for all the staff with each department per session.

During these sessions, various combination of strategies were designed for the HIV and AIDS Awareness and Prevention Campaign. The whole effort was aimed at promoting positive sexual behaviour change among Total staff. The package adopted relevant site specific and workplace-sensitive strategies which included: drama, film shows, peer education, and distribution of relevant printed IEC materials to provide information, education, and communication which brought about positive behaviour change among the staff. Each site activities was rounded off with a family fair.

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