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Systems Transformed for Empowered Action and Enabling Responses for Vulnerable Children and Families (STEER).

ARFH partnered with Save the Children International (SCI) and her partners: American International Health Alliance (AIHA), Management Sciences for Health (MSH) and Mercy Corps to create greater country ownership and leadership for support of vulnerable children through strengthened governments, civil society and families to mitigate HIV and AIDS’ impact on Nigerian children and families. The project’s strategy was working through a targeted capacity building approach that emphasized the sustainability of systems and structures designed to support Nigeria’s most vulnerable children. STEER had a management strategy that co-locates an Organizational Development specialist in the State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, and a sub granting innovation that allows CSOs to source technical assistance based on assessed needs. STEER targeted 575,000 Vulnerable Children and 125,000 caregivers in 5 Northern Nigeria States: Kaduna, Sokoto, Kano, Bauchi and Plateau.

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