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Status: Past Project

Promoting Dual Protection Practices among Family Planning Clients and their Male Partners in Ibadan, Lagos and Osogbo

The Dual Protection (DP) project was initiated to integrate dual protection service into the conventional family planning service delivery in 6 service delivery points in the public sector in Ibadan, Oyo state of Nigeria. DP practice simultaneously prevents both unintended pregnancy and STIs including HIV/AIDS. The male involvement component was in collaboration with Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria in Lagos and Osun States clinics. Through the project, women and men were sensitised and counselled on the need to adopt the practice which involve the use of condom (male or female) alone or combined with a regular family planning method. The community-based component involved the training of out-of-school youth in different vocation (barbing, hair dressing etc) and market agents to promote dual protection practices in the community.

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