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Preventing the Spread of STI and HIV through Promotion of Behaviour Change Practices along the Abidjan-Lagos Transport Corridor

With support from the World Bank, ARFH in collaboration with the Abidjan Lagos Corridor Organization (ALCO) implemented a project, which was aimed at addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in and around Seme Border. The project adopted various approaches in reaching out and communicating HIV/AIDS information to the highly mobile target project community. One of these was the use of a novel strategy, which is the development of a 15-minute audio message on HIV/AIDS in English, Yoruba and French Languages. The project provided a cone speaker, cassette player and sound mixer, which were installed at the ECOWAS building. This aided the dissemination of HIV information at the border and neighboring communities. Other strategies adopted were community mapping, mobilization and involvement of the local authorities, opinion and community leaders in planning and coordinating communication activities, IEC material development and sensitization in collaboration with key stakeholders.  Project final evaluation revealed that, not less than 20,000 mobile and regular audiences were reached with the HIV audio messages. Findings also revealed that, there was significant increase in HIV knowledge, adoption of positive HIV prevention behaviour and improved sexual negotiation.

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