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Intensification Of STI/HIV/AIDS Prevention Among The Target Population Through Community Mobilization Along The Abidjan – Lagos Transport Corridor.

ARFH is one of the NGOs that implemented the project titled ‘’ Intensification of STI/HIV/AIDS prevention among the target population through community mobilization along the Abidjan – Lagos Transport Corridor. The project was part of the Global Fund round 6 to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and  supported by Abidjan –Lagos Transport Corridor Organization. The purpose of the project was to contribute to reducing HIV spread, morbidity and mortality related to the pandemic within the mobile populations and the people in contact with them along the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor

As part of the activities under this project, ARFH  trained peer educators among in and out – of –school young people in Badagry and Seme and Agbara Lagos. She  also carried out HIV screening and testing in markets and motor parks in these sites.  In the 1st quarter of the project, over four thousand (4,000) young people were reached with HIV/ADS/ARH information through one –on –one counselling, group talks and distribution of IEC materials. So many out –of school  young group and Artisan groups  also benefited from the massive awareness and promotion of HIV screening and testing exercise carried out by ARFH. Peer educators were trained from these artisan groups.

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