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Integrating Sexual Reproductive Health and Family Planning into Humanitarian Support

ARFH was supported by United Nation Population Fund to integrate sexual reproductive health and family planning services into the minimum service package for internally displaced people in 3 conflict affected states in Nigeria: Borno, Yobe, and Adamawa states. the project built the capacity of community extension workers (CHEWs), MISP counsellors and community resource persons (CORPs) to deliver integrated family planning and maternal and child health services in conflict communities and camps for internally displaced persons in the three project states. The objectives of the project were to engender an enabling policy environment for the delivery of contraceptives through active engagement of policy makers, community leaders and opinion groups in IDP camps, increase the capacity of community-based resource persons and voluntary health workers to deliver integrated non-prescriptive family planning services and referral for other methods, improvement in efficient referral linkage between the community and primary health center.

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