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Friesland Foods (WAMCO) Project “REACH”

In response to the Millennium Development Goal of halving the proportion of people living on less than a dollar a day, Friesland foods with technical assistance from ARFH implemented a project titled “REACH”. This project was aimed at identifying new business opportunities and improving the nutritional and economic status of the poor in two communities in Oyo State – Ikereku (Akinyele LGA) and Inalende (Ibadan South East LGA). ARFH provided technical assistance in community identification, mobilization, transitional program, deep listening, research and the facilitation of a five day business idea generation ad co-creation workshop.The project assisted the community members to explore the possibility of partnership for co-creating a nutritious product with locally sourced raw material which  invariably contributed to the improvement of their health and economic status.

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