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Expanding Social Marketing of FP in Nigeria (ESMPIN)

The ESMPIN project sought to improve the health of women and children in Nigeria by increasing the use of child spacing method and the use of child health products thus reducing maternal, child morbidity and mortality using a social marketing approach and community-based distribution strategies.

The community–based distribution component ensured that messages, commodities and services are delivered to the poor and vulnerable populace in remotest areas through trusted community based distribution agents.

The project’s key objectives were to significantly expand Child Spacing access and availability; increase knowledge, attitudes, perception, and practices towards child spacing; engender a sustainable partnership with key stakeholders; and enhance the capability of the commercial sector in Nigeria to provide Child spacing products. The ESMPIN team proposed to act as a spur in Nigeria’s child spacing intervention efforts in three significant ways:

  • Providing direct provision of over 23 million couples years of protection (CYP) and contribute to achieve national CPR of 19.7% over the life of the project)
  • Growing the overall market for Child Spacing products in Nigeria by generating increased demand;
  • Promoting graduation of short-term method users to increasingly use mid-term and longer-acting methods.

Apart from Child Spacing, which was the major component of the project, ESMPIN promoted child survival interventions with focus on nutrition (breastfeeding), Malaria prevention and treatment, and diarrheal management (Point Of Use and Oral Rehydration Salts & Zinc) in an integrated manner, for the wholesome benefit of women and children in Nigeria.

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