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Community Channels of Delivery for Family Planning (C2D4FP) – states-Kebbi, Eb-onyi, and Gombe

The C2D4FP project contributes to reducing maternal and infant morbidity by increasing access to family planning through the distribution of family planning commodities. The C2D4FP project was implemented with support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). It involved building the capacity of market based agents, community voluntary health workers, beauticians, male advocates and patent medicine vendors to ensure increased access to family planning services in their community. The strategy promotes active local involvement, sustainability, and improves community-facility linkages.

The project also: creates an enabling policy and community environment for the delivery of contraceptives through active engagement of traditional policy makers, market leaders and opinion groups; increases the capacity of market based advocates to deliver integrated non-prescriptive FP and basic healthcare services including  referral for other methods; aimed to improve efficient referral linkage between the market and PHC for other required  services; and increased access to  new acceptors and continuation rate for contraceptives by 10% in each of the implementing markets. In addition and very importantly, it increased male involvement in improving access of women to FP services.

The project was harmonized with a pilot- test of the administration  of Sayana press in two of the project states, namely, Kebbi and Ebonyi states. The project therefore provides opportunities to expand voluntary access to FP Services through introduction of Sayana Press within the rights-based approach.

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