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Status: Past Project

Capacity building of CSO partners to conduct RH/FP advocacy and policy related activities in Ogun, Osun and Kwara states

The 10 months project was implemented with support from ENHANSE project. The activities aimed at updating the knowledge & strengthening the advocacy skills of NGOs/CBOs/FBOs staff. A key outcome of the capacity building programme was the identification of key RH issues by the CSO partners using a Participatory Learning approach- “The Pair Wise Ranking of Needs”. This approach provided an opportunity to prioritize key issues using consensus building. Advocacy messages were jointly developed based on the identified issue.

To consolidate resources and create a broad support for the advocacy issue, RH/FP Advocacy Networks were established and registered in the states. The networks utilized diverse advocacy methodologies in mobilizing support for the identified priority problem.

Project accomplishments include:

  1. Improved knowledge and skills of trainees and other staff of the organizations on the conduct of advocacy programmes.
  2. Improved linkage and partnership between the NGOs/FBOs/CBOs and the line ministries
  3. .Formation of formidable RH/FP advocacy networks registered with the State Ministries of Women Affairs.
  4. Greater collaboration and networking among the 12 organizations which had their capacity built.
  5. The innovative use of the media at no cost in raising awareness about the identified priority issue and mobilizing the community for action.
  6. Increased support from Traditional leaders. For instance in Ogun state, a Traditional Leader promised to provide a venue/land which will be used to provide youth friendly services within the community; the Ataoja of Osogbo brought all his chiefs in council for training on RH issues.

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