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Status: Past Project

AIDS Prevention Initiative in Ibadan, Oyo State (APIIOS)

This project is another initiative aimed at preventing the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV/AIDS in Oyo State using multi-dimensional approaches. The components included (i) Integration of HIV/AIDS (Preventive) Education into the activities of 85 secondary schools in Ibadan, (ii) Community Based HIV/AIDS Education (iii) Market Based HIV/AIDS Mass Awareness Activities (iv) Integration of HIV/AIDS Education, Counselling and Care & Support into Private Medical Practice in Ibadan. The other component on Syndromic Management of STIs was implemented in collaboration with another NGO. On the schools based programme, teachers and students were trained as HIV/AIDS Counselors and Peer Educators and they provide HIV/AIDS Education in schools. Similarly, on the community-based component, volunteers (market men and women, persons in different trade groups) were trained as community educators. This project was a sub-project under the AIDS Preventive Initiative in Nigeria (APIN) with support from the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA, USA.

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