RFQ NO:ARFH-LAG-20210624
Date:June 24 2021
Vendors Company Name: 
Vendors Company Representatives Name: 
Vendors Company Address:   
Vendors Company Telephone Numbers: 
Vendors Company E-mail: 
Vendors Company TIN: 
Vendors Company/Owner Nationality: 
Vendors Expected Delivery Date: 
Delivery Location:ARFH Lagos Office, No 16 Colin Onabule Crescent,  Diamond Estate, off CMD Road, Magodo Lagos.
ANTI CORRUPTION NOTICE Under no circumstances are commissions or undisclosed rebate payments to ARFH Staff be made or authorized. No gift, gratuity, or remuneration of any kind shall be made to any ARFH Staff as a result of this request.  Indicate Yes or No to the Questions Below
Are products readily available for delivery in the right quantity? 
Is your quotation valid for a period of 90 days? 
Can you deliver within 21 days of award? 
Warranty period not less than 1 year? 
 Do you have a relative that is a staff of ARFH?
 If yes, please state name for ref purposes.
Indicate Product Origin (Country of Manufacture): 
ARFH Payment Terms:100% after satisfactory execution of award.
RFQ Evaluation Criteria:Cost: 40% Validity of Quote: 10% Warranty on Products: 20% Evidence of Previous Work: 30%
RFQ Closing Date:Monday July 23 2021, 1700 HRS GMT+1

Introduction and Purpose

Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) is one of the leading Nigerian Non-Governmental Organizations implementing programs for improving Reproductive Health and Family planning (RH/FP), Care and Treatment of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria etc. ARFH, under a USAID funded OVC project: Integrated Child Health and Social Services Award (ICHSSA) in Lagos State requests quotes for the supply of medical and health related consumables/equipment to enhance safety of staff and partners.

Submission Requirements

The bidder’s quote must provide a detailed response and supporting documentation, where applicable as follows:

  1. The bidder should visit to download the complete RFQ document, populate same, and submit along with other documents deemed relevant.
  2. All submissions must be received by the due date of the RFQ, July 23 2021. Please ensure you or proxy sign the RFQ delivery list at the office.
  3. Indicate clearly the RFQ Number on the Envelope.

Items to be procured

S/NO.ItemQuantityUnit CostTotal Cost
1Eye Goggles/Face Shields4,752 units  
2Lab Coats270 units  
3Hand Gloves (non powdered)3,996 packs  
4Automatic Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser351 units  
5Hand Sanitizers 70 ml, Min of 70% Alcohol, Aromatic, free of granule after usage, in a resealable bottle.4,482 Bottles  
65 Ltr Gallon of Hand Sanitizer, Min of 70% Alcohol, Aromatic, free of granule after usage, not easily congealed.207 Gallons  
7Infrared Thermometer216 units  
8Disinfectant Atomizer/Spraygun216 units  
9Dettol 250ml2,970 bottles  
10Footpedal Sanitizer, Water, Soap Dispenser1 unit  
1150cl bottle 2sure personal disinfectant4,752 units  
12Whole Body Sanitizer1 unit  
13Face Masks48,600 packs  
14Hand Sanitizers 500 ml, Min of 70% Alcohol, Aromatic, free of granule after usage, in a resealable bottle.1,350 units  

Proposal Format

In order for ARFH to conduct the most efficient quote evaluation, bidders are required to organize their proposals as noted below:

  • Cover Page
  • Cost being offered for goods
  • Contact details of authorized representative
  • Evidence of similar jobs
  • Declaration of warranty on equipment/devices

Proposals must be organized according to the submission requirements and proposal format above. Proposal should be straightforward, concise and provide “layman” explanations of technical terms that are used. Emphasis should be concentrated on conforming to the RFP instructions, responding to the RFQ requirements. Proposals which fail to address each of the submission requirements above may be deemed non-responsive and will not be further considered. Note that responses to RFQ requirements must be specifically answered within the context of the submitted proposal.

Proposal Evaluation

ARFH is committed to a transparent process of award and selection of a Vendor. An evaluation team will review, in detail, all proposals received to determine the best value.

The following parameters will be used in evaluating the Proposal:

  • Cost 40%
  • Validity of Quote 10%
  • Warranty on Products 20%
  • Evidence of previous Work 30%


ARFH may choose to issue as many or as few agreements as deemed necessary.

Offers/Quotations Prices must be inclusive of all costs, and should be in NGN.

Quotes and prices should remain valid for ninety (90) calendar days from closing date of advert.

There is no reimbursement for costs associated with preparing or submission of proposals in response to this RFQ or costs associated with possible award negotiation.

ARFH may choose to work outside the Proposal Evaluation timelines without incurring any liability.

Eligibility to Bid

Vendors who submitted pre-qualification documents during the last Expression of Interest, and  have been registered on the ARFH ICHSSA Vendor List, are eligible to bid for these items.

Vendors who have never submitted pre-qualification documents to ARFH should bundle with their quotes the following documents for their quotes to be eligible:

  • Incorporation Documents
  • Evidence of Tax Payments and TIN details
  • Audited Reports from the last three years
  • Evidence of Similar jobs done, including copies of LPOs executed
  • Reference Letters from Clients
  • Evidence of Bank Account in Company Name
  • Evidence/Declaration of Good Financial Standing and ability to execute Contracts
  • Company Profile listing authorized signatories, physical office addresses, amongst others
  • Other documents that may be deemed relevant

Submission of Proposals & Closing Time

Please submit Hard Copies of proposals IN SEALED ENVELOPES to the ARFH Procurement Committee at ARFH Lagos Office, Plot 16 Colins Onabule Crescent, Diamond Estate, off CMD Road, Magodo Lagos. Proposals are due by July 23 2021 1700hrs GMT+1. Proposals must be submitted by the date and time specified above.

Anti-Corruption Notice

Under no circumstances whatsoever are commissions or undisclosed rebate payments to ARFH Staff or proxies be made or authorized. No gift, gratuity, or remuneration of any kind shall be made to any ARFH Staff as a result of this request.

Bid opening will hold on Wednesday July 27 2021 by 10am in the Lagos Office.
Vendors and their representatives who are interested in observing the bid opening process are invited to participate as an observer.

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