Request for Quotation B

Request for Quotation
Date:June 18 2021
Reply to:Send Reponses in sealed envelopes to: The ARFH Procurement Committee, Plot 16 Colins Onabule Crescent, Diamond Estate, Off CMD Road, Magodo Lagos.
Vendors Company Name: 
Vendors Company Representatives Name: 
Vendors Company Address:   
Vendors Company Telephone Numbers:   
Vendors Company E-mail:   
Vendors Company TIN:   
Vendors Company/Owner Nationality: 
Vendors Expected Delivery Date: 
Delivery Location:ARFH Lagos Office, No 16 Colin Onabule Crescent,  Diamond Estate, off CMD Road, Magodo Lagos.
  the Questions Below
ANTI CORRUPTION NOTICE Under no circumstances are commissions or undisclosed rebate payments to ARFH Staff be made or authorized. No gift, gratuity, or remuneration of any kind shall be made to any ARFH Staff as a result of this request.  
Do you have experience printing             in             bulk      for organisations? 
Is your quotation valid for a period of 90 days? 
If selected, can you deliver ALL within 5 days of award? 
Do you have a relative that is a staff of ARFH? 
If Yes to above, please state name for ref purposes. 
Do you agree to deliver 100% before payment? 
ARFH Payment Terms:100% after satisfactory execution of award.
RFQ Evaluation Criteria:Cost 40% Sample Quality 40% Previous Experience 10% Delivery Time 10%
RFQ Closing Date:Tuesday June 22 2021, 2000 HRS GMT+1

Introduction and Purpose

Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) is one of the leading Nigerian Non-Governmental Organizations implementing programs for improving Reproductive Health and Family planning (RH/FP), Care and Treatment of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria etc. ARFH, under a USAID funded OVC project: Integrated Child Health and Social Services Award (ICHSSA) in Lagos State requests quotes for the printing of materials, amongst others that will be used by the Project.

Submission Requirements and Evaluation Criteria

The bidder’s quote must include the front page of this RFQ and should be signed by an authorized representative of the organization. The RFQ will also be evaluated on the following parameters:

  1. Previous Experience (10%). Quotes will be assessed on how well they can demonstrate that they have previous experience in printing. To make evaluation easier, vendors should list/attach evidence of printing jobs they have done previously.
  2. Cost (40%). Quotes will be assessed on how reasonable their cost are. The lower the cost, the more marks a quote will get for cost. The lowest quote that conforms to the specifications will get 30%, which will be summed up to the scores from other parameters. The quote with the highest cost will get the lowest score for cost.
  3. Delivery Period (10%). Quotes will be assessed on how quickly the items can be printed and delovered. Generally, we expect all items to be fully delivered in five work days. Any period more than five work days will get less marks while any period less than five work days will get more marks.
  4. Sample Quality/Design (40%). Quotes will be assessed on how quality the samples submitted are. Bids that have the best samples attached will receive the maximum score of 40% asides other factors.
SNItemsNo of UnitsSpecificationsRemarks
1Branded Notebooks/notepads              150High Quality Notebook with full colour of USAID and ARFH logo on all pages, 80 leavesA sample is attached for guidance.
2Branded Pens550Executive High Quality Pens with USAID and ARFH logo imprinted on them.A sample is attached for guidance.
3Branded Flash drives15064GB Flash drives that are durable and fanciful, and should be imprinted with USAID and ARFH logo.A sample is attached for guidance.
4Carrier Bags150High Quality Glossy Paper Bags that are durable and with full colour, and should be able to carry every other item of this RFQ.A sample is attached for guidance.
5Branded            Polo-Shirts (Grade 1)150High Quality Material PoloShirts with USAID and ARFH logos.A sample is attached for guidance.
6Branded             Baseball Caps and Bucket Caps (Grade 1)150High Quality Caps with different colours.A sample is attached for guidance.
7Branded            Polo-Shirts (Grade 2)700High Quality Material PoloShirts with USAID and ARFH logos.A sample is attached for guidance.
8Branded Baseball Caps and Bucket Caps (Grade 2)700High Quality Caps with different colours.A sample is attached for guidance.
9ARFH   Branded Facemasks2000High     Quality Breathable Facemasks that fit snugly.A sample is attached for guidance.
10Hand Sanitizers150100ml   Personal            Hand Sanitizers in bottles with resealable caps. Sanitizers should have a minimum of 70% alcohol content.A sample is attached for guidance.
11Acrylic Award Plaque8High Quality Award PlaqueVisit Office for details
12Peagent Like Sash with golden embroidery1The words “OVC ICHSSA-2 Brand Ambassador” to be embroided on the sashVisit office for details
13Branded Folder150 Visit office for details

Very Important Information


Additional Information

  • We are statutorily required to deduct 5% withholding tax from all payments made to vendor which will be remitted to GON using your TIN
  • We are exempted from paying VAT as an NGO, so do not include or bundle VAT in your quotes
  • For this particular RFQ, you should be able to deliver 100% within 5 working days from the signing of LPO if you are selected
  • Payment for this RFQ will be made 100% only after 100% successful delivery of goods indicated in LPO
  • ARFH reserves the right to cancel this RFQ at anytime without incurring any liability as long as an LPO has not been issued
  • ARFH may solely at her discretion choose to award this Contract between two or three vendors/bidders and not a single vendor
  • Only successful bidders shall be notified and asked to sign an LPO with ARFH     Respond to this RFQ by mailing your         Submissions made after the RFQ closing date will not be considered.

For more information about this RFQ, please send an email to before the closing time of this RFQ or check the ARFH ICHSSA Procurement Notice Board for more information.

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