Pre-World TB Day Press Conference 2024: Nigeria Reinstates Pledge To Eradicate It

Nigeria will join the rest of the world on March 24 to raise awareness for World TB Day 2024! The theme, “Yes, we can end TB,” reflects the commitment to fighting tuberculosis.
Dr. Queen Ogbuji-Ladipo, Acting Board Chair of Stop TB Partnership Nigeria, highlighted the significance of World TB Day at the Pre-World TB Press Conference on March 19, 2024, stating, “It’s a day set aside globally to raise awareness of the TB burden, its prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and care, and to mobilize political commitment to resources and healthcare financing for TB.”

Dr. Queen and other partners spoke at the pre-World TB Day conference, emphasizing collaborative efforts and upcoming initiatives like the 2024 National TB Conference. Together, stakeholders are dedicated to a TB-free future.

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