Mrs Onyinye: I didn’t believe in modern family planning until I met ARFH CORPs

After witnessing her elder sister get pregnant despite using an Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Device, Mrs Oyinye vowed to never use any modern contraceptives except the traditional methods. Mrs Oyinye, a 38-year-old mother of three living in Obiagu community in Enugu State wanted to space her children without having to worry about pregnancy.

“When my elder sister gave birth, the IUD was in the baby’s hand,” Says Mrs Oyinye.

In ensuring every Woman of Reproductive Age has access to choice contraceptives, ARFH RASuDiN demand generation team was on outreach to Ogui community during which they met with Mrs Oyinye. At first, she didn’t want to hear anything about modern contraceptives until she was educated on their importance most especially the benefits of DMPA-SC/SI options. She had the opportunity to clarify her long-held misconceptions and believes around family planning. This helped change her mind to believe that modern methods are safe and effective for childbirth spacing. She accepted to take the DMPA-SC and was referred to a Community Resource Person (CORPs) who after counselling and blood pressure check, administered the first dose. Mrs Oyinye has taken up her second dose and also administered the third dose herself unsupervised.

The uncertainties about modern contraceptives held onto by Mrs Oyinye are totally gone as she is now at the forefront of campaigning and motivating more women within her community and clinic to know about the benefits of DMPA-SC/SI.

Every Wednesday of the week ARFH RASuDiN project host a radio program called “Who I go Ask, Na Person Wey Sabi” to educate people about the importance of planning their family. Upon hearing about the program, Mrs Oyinye phoned in to testify to the importance of DMPA-SC.

“This DMPA-SC is wonderful, I have been using it since last year. My people, it has never failed me. I am encouraging all women to take it. E dey work well well” Mrs Oyinye.

I have found a safe and effective contraceptive method that helps me plan my family and live a healthy and productive life. Every woman should know about it. Says Mrs Oyinye.

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