Hope of Living Restored: From Struggle to Success – A Poultry Feed Shop Sales Girl’s Inspiring Journey

In a heartening story, the life of a sales girl working at a poultry feed shop and living with HIV, has been transformed, thanks to funding from empowerment provided by the CBO (LIWOM) in Ekiti State, with funding from ECEWS CDC and technical support from ARFH. The beneficiary had challenges in meeting up with medical expenses and essential need due to her HIV status. Subsequently, she was profiled, received financial education and was provided with 2 bags of poultry feeds in August 2023. Today, she manages 6 bags of poultry feeds, sells egg crates, cold beverages and poultry accessories. She is financially empowered to enroll and retain her children in school, while actively participating in the VSLA group meeting.

Expressing profound gratitude to ECEWS/CDC, she shares, “I am profoundly grateful… Now, I can adequately provide for my children’s needs… I no longer miss hospital appointments… I have the means to transport myself for medication refills and viral load checks.”

This success story is a testament to the transformative impact of targeted support and empowerment initiatives. It not only uplifts individuals but also strengthens communities, showcasing the power of collaborative efforts in creating sustainable change.

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