Empowering Women Through Self-Injection: ARFH’s Health Educator Training Session in Enugu State

On June 20th, ARFH advanced access to self-injection (SI) as a family planning method for women of reproductive age. As part of the Community-Oriented DMPA-SC Self-Injection Acceleration (CODSAiN) Project, ARFH held a crucial training session for Health Educators and their assistants from all LGAs in Enugu State. This training emphasized the benefits of self-injection, empowering women to take control of their reproductive health.

Key attendees included Dr. Ifenyinwa Ani-Osheku, Executive Secretary of the Enugu State Primary Healthcare Agency; Dr. Onyia Eucharia from the National Orientation Agency; Mrs. Maureen Nwankwo, Family Planning Coordinator; Mrs. Nsude Ukamaka, State Health Educator; Mrs. Francesca Ezejiofor, state adhoc staff; and Nasa Oyelade, ARFH Demand Generation Officer who co-facilitated the training.


The training focused on enhancing the capacity of LGA Health Promotion Officers to implement effective and comprehensive demand-generation strategies and foster collaboration between health promotion and family planning programs. This effort supports women in accessing self-injection methods easily and confidently.

ARFH is committed to building a future where healthcare is accessible, and women are empowered to make informed family planning decisions, improving reproductive health and community well-being.

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