Community Mobilization, Education, and Service Provision Mark 2024 World TB Day Commemoration

 In continuation of the commemoration of World Tuberculosis (TB) Day 2024, the USAID-funded and CCCRN-led ACE-4 Project joined forces with the Ministries of Health in Kwara and Niger States to host impactful events on the second day of the celebration. The ACE-4 team, alongside key partners, convened at the States Ministries of Health for a series of activities aimed at raising awareness, promoting education, and providing essential services to combat TB.

The day commenced with a press conference led by the Honorable Commissioner of Health, Dr. Amina El-Imam, in Kwara State. Dr. El-Imam revealed alarming statistics, citing that TB claimed approximately 1,869 lives in Kwara State alone in 2023, emphasizing the global burden of over 4,000 daily TB-related deaths. She stressed the urgency of investigating all TB cases and ensuring prompt administration of anti-TB drugs to patients to break the chain of transmission.

“Mandate Market,” one of Kwara State’s largest markets, took center stage as the venue for the main event, strategically chosen based on Reversed Hot Spot mapping indicating a high prevalence of TB cases originating from this area. The event focused on community mobilization, education, and service delivery, offering TB screening, HIV testing, condom distribution for preventive services, and general information provision to raise awareness about TB/HIV.

The community mobilization campaign witnessed a significant turnout, with members of the community actively engaging in accessing vital services and information related to TB and HIV. The collaborative efforts of the ACE-4 Project, Ministries of Health, and community stakeholders demonstrated a strong commitment to combatting TB and promoting health equity within Kwara State and beyond.

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