Community Management of Malaria in Northern Nigeria

The Malaria Program of Association for Reproductive and Family Health has been implementing Malaria Control activities for the past four years in various States of the country, making appreciable impact at reducing Malaria diease burden on Nigerias. Working in Adamawa, Bayelsa, Niger, Osun and Oyo States, the program includes a robust community component on Community Case Management of Malaria (CCM) under the service delivery Area 2 (SDA 2 and 4). It involves community based activities through community participation, sensitization and mobilization using Role Model Caregivers (RMCs) who also within the last four years, actively carried out Community Management of Malaria in children under five, supported effective referrals of pregnant women to facilities and mobilized communities through Ward Development Committees (WDC) for Malaria prevention, this has resulted in commendable outcomes.
In Niger State, community case management of Malaria within 24 hours of the onset of fever by Role Model Care Givers (RMCs) targeting children under five, has accounted for over 20% of total under five treatment of Malaria in 2013. These interventions have the support and participation of the Government at various levels.
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