Celebrating Success: Childhood TB/HIV Testing Week in FCT

From May 27th to June 4th, 2024, the Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH), in collaboration with the FCTBLCP and DOLF CBO, conducted a significant outreach for Childhood TB/HIV Testing Week. This initiative reached deep into various communities, providing essential health care and screenings for children, particularly in underserved and slum areas.

Day 1: Kwali LGA and Durumi 1 & 2

The outreach kicked off on May 27th at the Chief’s palace in Kwali LGA, where 61 children were screened, and 19 presumptive cases were identified. Simultaneously, in Durumi 1 and 2, a remarkable 249 children were screened, with 50 presumptive cases found. The engagement and cooperation from the community were overwhelming, setting a positive tone for the week ahead.


Day 2: Gbagbalape Village and Bwari Area Council

On May 28th, the team moved to Gbagbalape village in Nyanya, screening 169 children and identifying 14 presumptive cases. At Bwari Area Council, 163 children were screened, with 13 presumptive cases. The dedication of the health workers and the eagerness of the community to participate made the day a resounding success.



Day 3: Gwako Community in Gwagwalada

May 29th saw the outreach at Gwako community in Gwagwalada, where 169 children were screened, resulting in 65 presumptive cases and 1 confirmed positive case. This day highlighted the critical need for such initiatives, as early detection can lead to timely treatment and better health outcomes.


State Logistic Officer and ARFH State Technical Officer giving out medications to screened TB patients

Day 4: Mpape LEA Primary School

On May 30th, the outreach team visited Mpape LEA Primary School, screening an impressive 400 children and identifying over 30 presumptive cases. The school environment provided a unique opportunity to reach a large number of children, ensuring they received the necessary health checks and advice.

ARFH State Technical Officer Dr. Enyinnaya Okoro senstizing the students about TB

Mr. Selim and Dr Ngozi from FCT from FCT TBLCP Department of Public Health sensitizing community members on TB and children lined up for TB screening

Community Leader Kpaduma 2 welcoming the state team and ARFH Cluster Cordinator Mr. Abi Gideon during the childhood TB testing week

Final Day: Karmajiji Community

The final day of the outreach, June 4th, was held at Karmajiji, a community predominantly occupied by people with disabilities. Here, 249 children were screened, and 39 presumptive cases were identified. This outreach not only provided essential health services but also highlighted the importance of inclusive health care for all members of society.

ARFH Sample Movement Consultant with the state on community community advocacy at Anguwan Guragu (Karmajiji along Airport Road)

A Comprehensive Health Approach

Throughout the week, the outreach went beyond TB and HIV testing. The team addressed various common ailments affecting children in slum areas, offering immediate care and guidance. Doctors on-site provided counseling, and referrals were made to hospitals and pharmacies for further treatment. This holistic approach ensured that children received comprehensive health care, contributing to their overall well-being.

Community Impact and Future Goals

The success of Childhood TB/HIV Testing Week is a testament to the collective efforts of ARFH, FCTBLCP, DOLF CBO, and the participating communities. The high turnout and active participation underscore the importance of such initiatives in improving child health outcomes. Moving forward, ARFH remains committed to reaching more communities, providing essential health services, and working towards a healthier future for all children.

Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing efforts to improve health care access and quality for children in underserved areas.



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