ARFH’s Ongoing Commitment to Self-Care and Self-Injection Access for Enhanced Family Planning

ARFH Nigeria is currently participating in the Second Stakeholders Meeting to review the National DMPA-SC Self Injection Accelerated Introduction and Scale-Up Plan, hosted by the @fmoh_nigeria and supported by partners including JSI, ARFH Nigeria, CCSI – Centre for Communication and Social Impact, Society for Family Health Nigeria, consultants, @PSI, states, @IRC, Jhpiego, and other FP stakeholders. This crucial meeting aims to enhance the introduction and scale-up of DMPA-SC Self Injection.

Dr. Uba Sabo, the Program Manager of the CODSAiN project implemented by ARFH Nigeria, is present, contributing to the dynamic discussions aimed at improving family planning services nationwide.

ARFH continues to be dedicated to improving access to self-care and self-injection options for enhanced family planning.

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