ARFH was present at the official launch of the Global Fund HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria, and Resilient and Sustainable System for Health, Grant Cycle-7 (2024-2026) to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The event welcomed esteemed guests including the Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare of Nigeria, Muhammad Ali Pate, and the Minister of State for Health & Social Welfare, Dr. Tunji Alausa. Notable representatives from Global Fund, WHO, UNAIDS, NTBLCP, and various implementing partners such as FHI360, IHVN, SFH, and NEPWHAN, among others, graced the occasion.

Dr. Kehinde Osinowo, CEO of ARFH, and Dr. Queen Ogbuji, ARFH Director of Program TB/HIV, were among the distinguished guests at the event. ARFH’s participation as a sub-recipient of IHVN on the Global Fund GC-7 grant reaffirms its unwavering commitment to consolidating successful strategies, including massive awareness creation, sensitization, and social mobilization. The organization is resolute in its determination to further enhance its contribution to TB and HIV case notification in Nigeria.

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