ARFH CEO admonishes participants at ECEWS-SPEED Project start-up meeting

The Chief Executive Officer of the Association for Reproductive and Family Health [ARFH], Dr. Kehinde Osinowo, gave a goodwill message during the ECEWS-SPEED Project start-up meeting held at Dover Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, on the 7th of February, 2022.

She expressed her delight to be part of the meeting and assured the ECEWS teams of ARFH support towards achieving the target of the project.

She advocated for inclusiveness and enjoined consortium partners to shun competition.

Speaking on the theme, ‘Dare to be different,’ she said, ’’Anyone that will be different will have to be diligent, considerate and competent.

“Focus must always be on the goal, efficient, well-coordinated team, always maintaining traction and a grip on accomplishment of project goal.”

ARFH CEO, Dr Kehinde Osinowo [right] and ECEWS CEO, Mr Andy Eyo at ECEWS-SPEED project start-up meeting in Lagos.
ARFH CEO Dr. Kehinde Osinowo. and other participants at the ECEWS-SPEED project start-up meeting.


ECEWS CEO, Mr. Andy Eyo, speaks with ARFH CEO Dr. Kehinde Osinowo and other participants at ECEWS-SPEED project start-up meeting in Lagos


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