Advocacy Brief: More Funds for Health, Better Life for FCT Residents


Health financing is one of the six building blocks of a health system; and a livewire for the other blocks. This pillar is very crucial in the efforts geared towards achieving the universal health coverage target and achievement of the FCT Resource Mobilisation Plan.

Current Status

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT), regardless of being the seat of the Federal Government of Nigeria, has its own fair share of the challenges bedeviling its health system. Some of these challenges cut across inadequate human resources, poor or lack of basic infrastructures, inadequate availability of life-saving health commodities, etc.

Addressing the above-listed challenges hinges on political will and the availability of funds secured via health budgeting. In an assessment conducted by the FCT Accountability Mechanism in October 2021 with USAID IHP support, only 59% of the Ward Model PHCs in FCT have regular access to water supply and 23% to power

Download full PDF here:

FCT Health Financing Advocacy brief_ARFH


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