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Request for Quotation ARFH-GANC Generator Equipment

Lagos, Nigeria

Job Description

Introduction and Purpose

Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) is one of the leading Nigerian Non-Governmental Organizations implementing programs for improving Reproductive Health and Family planning (RH/FP), Care and Treatment of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria etc. ARFH, under a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded FH project: Lagos State Group-Ante Natal Care Project, (G-ANC) requests quotes for the supply of some Generator Equipment that will be used by Staff and partners on the project.

Specific Responsibilities

Submission Requirements and Evaluation Criteria

The bidder’s quote must include the front page of this RFQ and should be signed by an authorized representative of the organization. The RFQ will also be evaluated on the following parameters:

  1. Specifications (30%). Quotes will be assessed on how well they conform to the exact specifications spelt out in this RFQ, which is what is required.
  2. Cost (40%). Quotes will be assessed on how reasonable their cost are. The lower the cost, the more marks a quote will get for cost. The lowest quote that conforms to the specifications will get 40%, which will be summed up to the scores from other parameters. The quote with the highest cost will get the lowest score for cost.
  3. Delivery Period (30%). Quotes will be assessed on how soon the Vendor promises to deliver. Vendors with the shortest delivery time will have the highest score for this parameter. Vendors who fail to adhere to the delivery time they stipulate without written explanation that has been approved in writing by the Procurement Committee will have their LPO revoked without any costs due to ARFH.
  4. It is important to ensure that all quotes are sealed in envelopes, and properly addressed, indicating clearly the RFQ Number on the Envelope. Please come with a copy of the RFQ front page and have it endorsed at the Front Desk, as evidence of submission.

Items to be quoted for

LOT 1 Generator-Diesel Perkins 15KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator with installation and commissioning 1  
LOT 2 Generator Petrol Sumec 12KVA FIRMAN ECO 12990ES Petrol Generator With Key Starter 1  

Required Experience

Please download the RFQ document by clicking the link below

RFQ Generator June 2022 G ANC Project

Minimum Qualifications

Please download the RFQ document by clicking the link below

RFQ Generator June 2022 G ANC Project

Method of Application

Send Reponses in sealed envelopes to:

The ARFH Procurement Committee G-ANC Project, No 16 Collins Onabule Crescent, Diamond Estate, Off CMD Road, Magodo Lagos.

RFQ Closing Date:  June 28 2022, 1700 HRS GMT+1

  • Submissions made after the RFQ closing date will not be considered.


Consultancy, Short Term


23 June, 2022


28 June, 2022

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