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Opening Date: O6/09/2017                                                     Closing Date: 19/09/2017            

The Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) has received grants from Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria towards implementing the TB/HIV New Funding Model (NFM) Project in Nigeria. ARFH implements the community component of the HIV grant in Lagos state with a key responsibility to conduct community testing through community based organizations. In order to ensure effective and confidential HTS service in the community, there is the need to procure basic equipment. ARFH therefore calls for sealed financial bids from manufacturers, distributors, fabricators or manufactures representatives of galvanized canopies (12 units of 12 x 20 Canopy and 6 units of 8 x 8 Gazable Tents). Further details on the specification is presented in the bottom table

Project: HIV


Vendor proposals shall remain valid for 60 calendar days from the deadline for receipt of quotations. Additionally, for the successful bidder(s), the bids submitted shall also remain valid and not subject to review for one year period from the date of contract signing by the successful vendor.

Additional Information:

  • All bid document submitted for the purpose of this procurement process shall be duly signed by each of the Procurement committee member pre
  • Sent on the Bid Opening day for proper validation of the documents.
  • All bid documents must be accompanied with a comprehensive company profile with evidence of tax payment from 2014 to 2016
  • This request for proposals solicitation is a competitive process.
  • All qualified bidders will be invited and must send a representative to witness the bid opening
  • 5% of the total contract sum would be deducted as withholding tax to Federal Inland Revenue Service
  • The successful bidder(s) shall be notified in writing and will be invited to sign a contract with ARFH.
  • Successful bidders must adhere strictly to terms and conditions contained in the contract agreement including timely delivery of agreed specifications

Submission of Quotations:

Quotations may be delivered by courier service or e-mail clearly referencing the RFQ title.  Hard copies must be sent in for any emailed quotations before the deadline. (Hardcopies are mandatory). The hard copies of the bids should be sealed in an envelope marked on the top right side with Procurement of mobile testing Equipment for Lagos CSS CBOs.

Quotations should be addressed to:

The Chairman, Procurement Committee,
Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH)
Millennium Builder’s Plaza, 1st Floor, Block C,
Plot 251 Cadastral Zone
Herbert Macaulay Way, Opposite NNPC Towers
Abuja, Nigeria.

Phone Nos. – +234 7040930356, 09 8751463, 09 8725487



Description of item                     Specifications    Quantity
 1. Big Canopy 12 x 20 capacity with galvanized iron stand  12 units
2. Small Canopy 8 x 8 Gazable Tent with galvanized iron 6 units

Procurement Committee