26th January 2015 Past Projects, Projects

Links for Children was a five-year project targeting three states of Nigeria (Kaduna, Bauchi, and Katsina), aiming to expand access to care and support for 11,950 vulnerable children (VC). This will be achieved by working with local community groups, “Child Welfare Committees” (CWCs), and with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), including: the Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH), Nigerian Red Cross (NRCS), Jama’tul Nasril Islam (JNI), Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), NEPWHAN (Network of Persons with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria) and AONN (Association of OVC NGOs in Nigeria).

The goal of the Links for children project was to expand access to care and support for children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS using a proven community-based approach, while building the capacity of indigenous organizations to enable children and families to continue accessing such services in an effective and sustainable manner.

The project had three main objectives, which are related to capacity building, provision of care and support and creating enabling environment. With regard to the first objective, Save the Children works in partnership with ARFH to enhance the capacity of Nigerian CSOs so that they acquire the required skill to design, implement and manage programs addressing the needs of vulnerable children.