Training Manuals on Reproductive Health and Family Planning

Training Manual on Reproductive Health and Family Planning for Voluntary Health Workers (ISBN 978-34876-3-9): developed and published by ARFH. This manual has been developed as a guide to trainers of community-based voluntary health workers. It provides a comprehensive 20-day training programme for this level of volunteers who are non-literates or who only possess some literacy skills; 381 pages (English).


Training Manual for Traditional Birth Attendants and other Voluntary Birth Attendants ( ISBN 978-35473-0-5): developed and published by ARFH. The fundamental elements which informed the development of this manual are complementary to the concept and philosophy of primary healthcare, most especially the Federal Ministry of Health’s efforts to ensure that the reproductive health needs of the masses are met; 470 pages (English).


Training Manual for Reproductive Health Educators/Promoters : developed and published by ARFH. This manual sets out to improve the knowledge and skills of non-professional individuals serving as promoters of reproductive health/family planning services, especially in their efforts at changing the attitude of the masses and encouraging them towards the utilization of healthcare services; 289 pages (English).


Curriculum/Manuals on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

Life Planning Education Curriculum for Training of Trainers (ISBN- 978-35473-8-0): developed and published by ARFH in collaboration with the Oyo State Ministries of Education, Health and the Teaching Service Commission, Ibadan , Nigeria . It is a comprehensive reference and a user-friendly guide for the training of Trainers.


Life Planning Education Manual for Nigerian Youth: developed by ARFH and Advocates for Youth. This simple manual for young people, either within or outside the school, is also very useful for Trainers, Counsellors and Managers; 153 pages


Life Planning Education for Junior and Secondary Schools (ISBN 978-35473-1-3): This is a curriculum for Junior and Senior Secondary Schools , developed and published by ARFH in collaboration with the Oyo State Ministries of Education and Health. It is a well laid out guide for the teaching of LPE and HIV/AIDS in secondary schools, with appropriate participatory methodology and rich text illustrations; 223 pages


Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS Component into Life Planning Education in Oyo State : published by ARFH, in collaboration with the Oyo State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Health and the Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM); reprinted with fund for Vision Project towards implementing and institutionalizing the HIV/AIDS prevention project into LPE.


HIV/AIDS Booklets

  • Answers to Questions on HIV/AIDS (ISBN 978-35473-4-8) by Grace Ebun Delano, published by ARFH. This book provides answers to some simple and common questions people ask on HIV/AIDS, 49 pages (English, Yoruba & Hausa).
  • Harmful Traditional Practices and HIV/AIDS (ISBN 978-35473-5-6) by O.A. Ladipo and S. A. Akinso, published by ARFH. This booklet provides an insight into traditional practices that may promote the spread of HIV/AIDS, 23 pages (English).
  • AIDS: Lola Learns All About It : by Grace Ebun Delano, published by ARFH. This is an easy-to-read booklet that improves knowledge, dispels rumours and myths on HIV/AIDS, and facilitate the prevention of HIV/AIDS, 19 pages (English)


  • Tips for Effective Studying: D esigned to guide students on how to maximise their time and available resources for effective studying.
  • Stay Away from Drugs. Why? They Destroy: Gives information on Drugs that are often abused, the attendant consequences and tips on how to avoid Drugs and Substance abuse.
  • Dangers Involved in a Sexual Relationship: Designed to inform Young People on the various problems associated with having sexual relationships and guide them in making healthy and informed decisions.
  • Stop Sexual Abuse, Speak Out: Highlights types of abuses and their prevention.
  • Save Women's Lives Today ( produced in collaboration with Private Health Practitioners): It is designed to educate people on the strategies of reducing maternal death during pregnancy, delivery and after birth. (English, Yoruba and Hausa)
  • HIV/AIDS: It could be You. Support PLWHA and PABA: D esigned to educate people on the need to support and not discriminate against PLWHA and PABA.
  • Do Not Stigmatize PLWHA : Designed to discourage people from to discriminating against people living with HIV and AIDS.
  • If You Test Positive, There is Hope : Designed to let people know that they can still live a worthy life despite their testing positive to HIV.
  • Know Your HIV Status : Encourages people to go for HIV test.
  • Dual Protection : Designed to prevent unwanted pregnancies, Sexually Transmitted Infections and the spread of HIV/AIDS.
  • Client Rights: Highlights all the basic rights clients have when they visit a health facility.
  • Tips for Effective Infection Prevention: Educates providers and beneficiaries of healthcare services on how they can prevent being infected by the HIV virus.
  • Steps in Processing Instruments and Equipment in Infection Prevention Provides a step-by-step procedure of processing clinical instruments in the hospital and other health facilities.


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